Salted Popcorn Cheesecake Dessert Jar

Makes: 6 jars
Prep time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 8 minutes


Marie Biscuits 80 grams
Bega Butter Salted 40 grams
Sugar 10 grams
Bega Cream Cheese 200 grams
Sugar 50 grams
Bega Whipping Cream 150 grams
Vanilla 2 grams
Gelatine Powder 1 grams
Popcorn 100 gram
Smooth Peanut Butter 80 grams
Maple Syrup 40 grams
Flaked Almonds 30 grams
Salt 1-3 teaspoons
Dark Chocolate 30 grams


    1. Combine the crushed biscuits, Bega Butter and sugar in a food processor or by hand until it’s combined and resembles small pieces. Spread the mixture out evenly on a baking tray and place in the pre heat oven at 160c for 10 minutes. Remove the tray and allow it to cool.
    2. To make the cheesecake mixture, steep the gelatine in cold water for 2 minutes then heat in a microwave for 10 seconds. Whisk the Bega Cream Cheese, vanilla, gelatine and sugar in a mixer until its soft and smooth.
    3. Slowly add the Bega Whipping Cream to the cream cheese. Once fully combined place in a piping bag and set aside in the fridge.
    4. Heat peanut butter and maple in the microwave, place popcorn and almonds in a mixing bowl and drizzle with peanut butter and salt. Toss to combine.
    5. In a jar or glass place layers of biscuit and vanilla cheesecake. Top with peanut butter popcorn and dark chocolate.