Cook & Chef

Liam McLaughlin Bega Culinary Advisor

Liam McLaughlin is a recognized and reliable professional within the Australasian Foodservice Industry with over 20 years experience. Liam works closely with the Bega Team as it’s Culinary Advisor to achieve outstanding results in market and product analysis, menu development, sales and product training, food imagery and styling, web design and content management, culinary literature, trade events & loves presenting to audiences of all settings.

Liam has a vast work experience in fine dining establishments, 5-star hotels and resorts with unique insights into the effective planning and the cost-effective meal delivery required at all levels from cafes, bakeries to major events including implementing the catering program at 2 Olympic games which provides an exceptional understanding into the entire food service chain from producers, manufacturers and distributors instilling what is required for a successful outcome for all invested interests.

Liam regularly presents new trends, menu innovations and industry solutions to many of Bega’s key customers and distributors. Liam generates new ideas, products and opportunities to help increase awareness and sales of Bega Cheese’s quality products to the global food market.

Liam loves working with great produce and Bega is one of Australia’s most respected dairy providers delivering high quality products for all segments of the Retail and Foodservice market. One of Liam’s favourite Bega products is its Cream Cheese range which is made from high quality ingredients making it a very reliable and consistent product which is crucially important to chefs and cooks alike. The versatility of cream cheese on menus today is only limited by your imagination, cream cheese can be used in cakes, fillings and toppings as well in savoury and sweet sauces and beverages for natural full body deliciously creamy texture with that hint of cheese goodness.


Stuffed Crust White Sauce Pepperoni Pizza

Salted Popcorn Cheesecake Dessert Jar

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Basque Burnt Cheesecake